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Spinning out of the CW’s Arrow, The Flash follows the adventures of DC Comics’ fastest man alive and promises to serve enough LGBT points of interest to get the hearts of gay geeks racing. Staring Grant Gustin (best known for playing gay Warbler Sebastian on Glee) as Barry Allen/the Flash, the superhero series will feature two gay characters before its first season crosses the finish line. One of them will be the Flash villain known as Pied Piper, who was one of the first characters to come out of the closet in the pages of a DC comic. The other will be David Singh (played by Patrick Sabongui), another gay DC Comics character who makes his appearance in the show’s first episode. Their appearances will mark the first time gay male characters have been included in a mainstream superhero TV series.

“It’s fantastic,” says Gustin of the show’s inclusion of gay characters. “Because it hasn’t really been done with this genre before. So it’s going to [bring gay visibility] to a broader spectrum than Glee could bring and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Out actor Wentworth Miller has also been tapped to play the part of fan-favorite Flash villain Captain Cold.

In addition to the show’s gay inclusion, fans can look forward to the crossover event betweenThe Flash and Arrow during the eighth episodes of each show. And as both series exist in the same universe, the creative minds behind the shows promise the crossover is only the first of many epic team-ups to come. — Jase Peeples