Terms and Conditions

Here at transgendersupport.org we don’t use our own resources we mainly get them from other websites. At the end of the resource we always link back to the original resource. This means there may some information they may not be up to par. We are sourly a place where we bring all other transgender website information together in one place.


If any of this links or resources brings you harm, emotions pain and mental pain or any kind of discomfort we are sorry but it is the soul responsibility of that website or resources. They are the ones who put that information out there in the first place.

Bad Information

Sometime we provide bad information. It’s really hard to make sure every website is up to speed. Lot of people don’t like us transgender people and for that put out resources that are not true sometimes. This is not our fault. We are working so hard to make sure that never happens but sometime some resources slip through. That resource should be addressed not our website. If we are to be blamed then the resource will still be out there for everyone to read.

Suing us

This is a bad idea for you to do. Fist if you sui us you will be band from everything transgendersupport.org has to offer. Next if your transgender person, you will be outed to the whole world as your dead gender. If your not transgender you will be charged $5,000 minimum. We really don’t like to have to sui anyone. This is not our intention but some people are just mean and are out to get a quick dollar.

This website is a safe place. Please don’t turn it into a fighting ground. Safety is our #1 goal. Thank you