Red Band Society


Red Band Society

Narrated from the perspective of a boy identified only as “Charlie” or sometimes as “Coma Boy,”Red Band Society promises to tug on all your heartstrings this fall as the dramady invites viewers into the children’s wing of the fictional Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles. The titular “Red Band,” we learn in the first episode, is a reference to the hospital bracelets each teenager receives before undergoing a major surgery.

Aside from the inevitable comparisons to this summer’s blockbuster tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars, the pilot for Red Band Society offers a promising glimpse into the lives of a group of young people battling life-threatening illnesses with all the wit, grace, awkwardness, and snark one might expect from a group of teenagers. Gay actor and GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz provides some sass as an out nurse on the floor housing the group of unlikely friends, brought together by their extended stays in the hospital.

Earlier this month, Deadline reported that one of the characters — hospital newcomer and seemingly archetypal mean girl and cheerleader Kara Sounders — will reveal that she has two moms, one of whom will be played by Andrea Parker. It should be a comfortable role for Parker, who played the mother of missing mean girl Alison Dilaurentis on ABC Family’s gay-inclusivePretty Little Liars. (If you missed the Red Band Society season premiere last week, you can still catch the first episode online at — Sunnivie Brydum


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