Name Change Process

Where To Change our Name

  1.  Fill out the name change paperwork. This  paperwork will need to be notarized which can be done at a bank.

  2. Apply for indigency to help reduce the cost of submitting gender change paperwork to the court.

  3. Submit the name change paperwork to the court of the city you live.

  4.  (Depending on the state or country) you may have to submit your name change in the paper.

  5. Go to your doctor and get gender change paperwork.

  6. Ones the paperwork is sent back with a colorful stamp of approval go to the  social security card office. Some Stats may do social security  and drivers license right at the DMV. It’s always a good idea to go to the DMV and ask about social security card. If they dont you will need to bring to the  social security office this:

    1.  Birth certificate

    2.  Gender change paperwork

    3.  Name change paperwork

    4.  Current social security card

    5.  Current drivers license

  7. When you get the  New Social Security card, go to the DMV with:

    1.   Birth Certificate

    2.  Gender change paperwork

    3.  Name change paperwork

    4.  New Social Security card

    5.  Current drivers license

    6.  Proof that you live in the county or state

Ones all this is done and you get your new drivers license, you can then start changing your name on everything else like credit cards.

You do not have to change your birth  certificate as long as you keep your drivers license and your name change paperwork up-to-date.


States Name Change Paperwork Forms

NY Sates Name Chnage Paperwork Form