Male to Female Transition

  1.  Go see a therapist that specializes in transgender treatment:
  2. This is a great time for one to find their feminine look. This can be done either with clothing, makeup, jewelry, and or nails.
  3. As a female, it is very important to work on your voice. The best way to do this is to use YouTube videos or just practice singing women songs.
  4. Once okay by the therapist, the therapist will write you a referral to a doctor that specializes in hormone replacement therapy: The meds include:
    1. Estradiol: this is estrogen that can be either found in the form of a pill, injections, and a patch. The most famous form of estradiol is the pill. When you take this medicine make sure to let it dissolve in your mouth. If you do not let this pill dissolve in your mouth 70% of it will get absorbed in your stomach and the liver meaning you will have to take more pills than you would like.
    2. Progesterone: this is just another female hormone that will also coincide with estradiol to increase a more feminine look.
    3. Spironolactone: this medication helps to stop the build of testosterone.
  5. After you have been on hormones for 2 years and have gotten to referrals either a therapist or a doctor or a psychiatrist and you have had electrolysis down in the pineal region then you are ready to have the bottom surgery. Not everybody needs to bottom surgery to feel like a female. The bottom surgery does not make you female what makes you female is how you feel on the inside:
  6. OPTIONAL this is totally optional not a lot of transgender people usually get this but you can opt for feminization surgery which includes changing the features of one’s face.
  7. The very final last step is just to be a female. You don’t have to wear all the fancy clothes or get all the fancy makeup or stand out. all you have to do is fit in with the other females that’s all transgender people want to do is fit in with the other females that’s all transgender people want.

Now go live your true authentic self as a female.