How to Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away WIth Murder 0

How to Get Away With Murder

Scandal maker Shonda Rhimes’s newest drama debuts this fall season, and it looks to be one of the spiciest yet.

How to Get Away With Murder stars Viola Davis as a law school professor who teaches a class of the same name. She’s a tough prof who pits her students against one another for the opportunity to assist her in her real-world court cases.

The competition leads her protégés to go above and beyond — in one case, a male student seduces another man in order to solicit information, and their steamy, sexy scene, which will be featured in the pilot, was teased in the promotional trailer. And Davis’s character, Annalise Keating, isn’t locked away in an ivory tower either. The series is unafraid to show its lead female character as a sexual being as well, evidenced when her student Wes (Alfred Enoch) walks in on her with a muscle-bound man who is not her husband. — Daniel Reynolds