Female to Male Transition

  1. Go get a therapist that specializes in transgender treatment: https://transgendersupport.org/countries-with-therapists/
  2. This is a great time to express your manly side through clothing, working out, hairstyle, jewelry, and shirts. This is also a great time to go look for a binder to fly in the chest to look more masculine.
  3. when your therapist thinks you are ready she will write you a referral to see a doctor that specializes in hormone replacement therapy: https://transgendersupport.org/countries-medical-services/ The med includes:
    1. Testosterone: the only way to take this is by injection with needles
  4. After you have been on hormones for 2 years and you have gotten two letters of recommendation from either a doctor a therapist or a psychiatrist you can then be ready for surgery: https://transgendersupport.org/contrys-with-female-to-male-surgery/
    1. Top surgery: this surgery removes the breast tissue to flatten the chest to make the chest seem more masculine.
    2. OPTIONAL Bottom surgery. This is where a person is surgically made a penis.
  5. The final step is to just live as a man to act like a man to walk like a man and just be a man to fit in with other men.

Now go be your authentic self and be a man.