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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Report for duty with Brooklyn Nine-Nine when the snarky, relatable, Golden Globe-winning cop comedy returns to Fox at 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

Last season, the sleeper hit won us over not only with lead Andy Samberg’s talented-but-goofy detective Jake Peralta, but also with veteran actor Andre Braugher’s stoic, no-nonsense Capt. Ray Holt. Oh did we mention that the formidable Holt happens to be an out, married officer, who started the department’s first gay and lesbian officers’ alliance, and refuses to suffer homophobic fools?

The show’s nonchalant inclusion of a gay lead character who happens to be a successful man of color put the Nine-Nine on our radar last season, and the show’s sophomore season promises to keep us laughing with Peralta-Holt high jinks, along with the hilarious ensemble cast. Nine-Ninealso got bumped up to a prime-time slot, bringing some live action into Fox’s popular animated lineup on Sunday nights. But if you’re not up on the show yet, discover the meaning of R.I.C.O. and catch up on the entire first season on HuluPlus. — Sunnivie Brydum