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The CW’s small-screen adaptation of DC Comics’ emerald archer, Arrow, kicks off its third season October 8 and is on target to offer LGBT fans a number of reasons to tune in. Arrowpushed LGBT visibility in the superhero genre last season when the series introduced a version of DC Comics’ martial arts master Black Canary, a.k.a. Sara Lance, as a kick-ass bisexual who had been in relationships with both the hunky hero Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) and the villainous Nyssa al Ghul. This officially crowned Sara Lance the first bisexual superhero to land in DC Entertainment’s TV universe.

“The thing that I liked most about that is that we didn’t make a bid deal of it. We didn’t say, ‘This is a special episode of Arrow.’ We didn’t put a parental advisory before it,” Amell says. “Sara and Nyssa have a relationship like Sara and I have a relationship, and that’s all it was. So I hope we get the opportunity to do more of that because we can and we should.”

Amell should get his wish this season. Both Nyssa and Sara are set to return as reccurring characters once again, as well the dark archer Malcolm Merlyn (played by gay actor John Barrowman.)  And longtime DC fans should be pleased by the gang of guest stars from across the DC universe who will also be making their Arrow-vese debut this season, including Batman baddie Ra’s al Ghul, Captain Boomerang, and Ray Palmer — better known as the shrinking superhero the Atom — played by former Superman Brandon Routh. — Jase Peeples