Alabama lawmaker aims to keep transgender athletes off school teams

An Alabama lawmaker and candidate for Congress is sponsoring a bill aimed at preventing students in K-12 public schools from participating on sports teams that conflict with their biological gender.

Rep. Chris Pringle, R-Mobile, is sponsoring the “Gender is Real Legislative (GIRL) Act” for the upcoming legislative session.

Pringle’s Congressional campaign sent out a news release with a copy of the four-page bill. (The bill is attached to the end of this article.)

“Gender is real,” Pringle said in the news release. “There are biological differences between boys and girls that influence athletic performance. The GIRL Bill seeks to support female student athletes, so that they may compete against each other and not have to compete against male students with an unfair advantage.”

The bill says public schools cannot participate in, sponsor, or provide coaches for athletic events conducted under the authority of any athletic association that allows students who are males according to their birth certificates to participate in events conducted exclusively for biological females. The same prohibition would go for females competing against males.

The bill says counties, cities and other local government entities could not allow their fields, stadiums, and other facilities to be used for competitions that allow players to compete in events that conflict with their biological gender.

The bill would not apply to athletic events at which both genders are allowed to compete.

The legislation is similar to a bill being considered in Tennessee.

The legislative session in Alabama starts Feb. 4. 

Pringle is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District.