Revolutionary new surgery could allow trans women to carry children

A clinic in Ohio recently started screening women for the ground-breaking procedure, which would allow women to transplant their uterus into a woman who doesn’t have one. The transplant could be conducted on a woman ‘born without a uterus, or who had it removed or have uterine damage’ – this would make trans women eligible for the procedure. After the recipient has had a child or children, the uterus could then be removed, meaning the person would no longer have to take anti-rejection medication. The procedure is still in its trail stages, however many women who were previously unable to become pregnant are hopeful.

A 26-year-old woman who is undergoing the screening process told The Times: ‘I crave that experience. ‘I want the morning sickness, the backaches, the feet swelling. I want to feel the baby move. That is something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember.’ Dr Christine McGinn, a plastic surgeon, told Yahoo News: ‘The human drive to be a mother for a woman is a very serious thing. ‘Transgender women are no different.’