Florida surgeon loses job after posting graphic photos of transgender patients on Instagram

A University of Miami surgeon has lost his job after sharing graphic images of his transgender patients without their permission.

Christopher Salgado, a genital reconstruction surgeon, was discovered posting the images on his since-deleted @sexsurgeon Instagram account, Trans Advocate reports.

Salgado, who has worked with transgender people for many years and given talks and presentations to other medical professionals on transgender healthcare and gender confirmation surgery, was found to be mocking his patients through questionable images, captions and hashtags.

In one post for Valentine’s Day, Salgado took the recently removed penis of a transgender woman, fashioned it into the shape of a heart, and wrote: “There are many ways to show your LOVE…”

He then added various hashtags, including #whatisthat, #whatthefuck, and #whatthefuckisthat.

That wasn’t all. Discussing the case of a person who had a large dildo surgically removed after it detached while they were having sex with a transgender man — including a CT scan of the dildo inside the person — Salgado said the “mishap… could have been avoided if the transman had a real phalloplasty.”

He then added the hashtags #realdicksmatter, #megacock, #analfun, and #realdickpleaser, among others.

Other images included the creation of a transgender woman’s neoclitoris (tagged #pussyprint and #orgasmo), testicular implants in the scrotum of a transgender man (tagged #teabagging), and two separate posts about transgender men’s phalloplasty surgeries (one tagged #penisgay, the other tagged #massivecock).

In addition, Salgado has been criticized on social media for hashtags on other images. In a post about phalloplasty, a common medical procedure to create a penis for transgender men and injured cisgender men, Salgado called the patient in question an “implant cripple” and added #cripple and #boners.

In a post about the definitions of a micropenis, he used the hashtags #chinesedick, #asiancock, and #asiandick. And in a post about a woman who underwent plastic surgery, he noted that it “didn’t take [the patient] long to find a boyfriend” after surgery.

After Salgado’s Instagram account gained wider notoriety, a petition was started, encouraging people to write to the American College of Surgeons accusing Salgado of “racist, transphobic, homophobic comments and hashtags,” and saying he had shown a “blatant disrespect for trans people.”

Salgado reportedly started “cleaning up” his Instagram, according to one Reddit user, before ultimately deleting it.

According to Trans Advocate, the Dean of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine called the Instagram posts “disgusting” and said the situation would be dealt with “swiftly and decisively.”

The university refused to comment on specifics of the matter, but confirmed that Salgado is no longer employed there.

“The University of Miami does not comment on the detailed status of employees,” the statement said. “However, we can confirm that Dr. Christopher Salgado is no longer employed by the University of Miami. We continue to have a team of experts providing the full continuum of care for gender reassignment patients.”

Salgado’s details have since been removed from the University of Miami’s website.


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