Jazz & Friends National Day of School and Community Readings

After a national anti-LGBTQ hate group bullied a young transgender girl in rural Wisconsin, her community rallied behind her by hosting a community reading of I Am Jazz, a book co-written by transgender trailblazer and former HRC Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings about her experience as a transgender girl.

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin’s unwavering support of transgender youth began an annual international movement commemorating her community’s allyship and the resilience of transgender youth.

Now, you and your community can let transgender and non-binary youth in your community know that they are welcome and affirmed — just by reading!

Communities across the country are signing up for our 4th Jazz & Friends National Day of School and Community Readings on February 28, 2019 cosponsored by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program and the National Education Association (NEA).

transgender and non-binary youth by letting them know they are welcomed and loved in your community.

What books are featured in Jazz & Friends?

This year, hosts can choose between three books to find the one that fits their community the best.

I Am Jazz  – The story of a young transgender girl based on the real life experience of Jazz Jennings.
Julián Is a Mermaid – A celebration of individuality and the power of being seen and affirmed.
They She He Me: Free to Be! – An exploration of pronouns and gender fluidity with diverse illustrations.

What do readings look like?

HRC Foundation’s Annual Jazz and Friends readings are as diverse as the hosts and communities that come together to read. From your living rooms to a local bookstore to a community park, you can get creative in choosing a venue that best fits your community’s needs!


How will HRC help me plan my reading?

Once you register, we’ll provide lesson plans, planning tips, technical assistance and bonus materials!

Where can I host a reading?

You can host a reading in a school or in a community space like a library, place of worship, bookstore or even your own home!

Host a reading in a school

Host a community reading

At a time when transgender and non-binary youth are increasingly marginalized, you can do something to make a difference. Join us as we show up in force with love and support for our nation’s youth. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to promote understanding and inclusion. Sign up now!