TRACKS ATTACK Transgender woman shoved police officer on to train tracks after he asked her to stop abusing other commuters

A TRANSGENDER woman shoved a police officer on to a railway line after he asked her to stop abusing other commuters.

Paris Valeta Bregazzi had an “appalling” record of attacks on public transport, a court head.



But, despite this the 30-year-old could be spared jail.

Her Old Bailey trial was told how Bregazzi barged off-duty PC Sam Chegwin onto the tracks at Hanger Lane Station in Ealing, west London, at 5.15am on July 17 after he heard her berating bystanders and asked her to “calm down”.

PC Chegwin suffered only minor injuries after his head landed inches away from the line, which became live as the first train passed through seven minutes later.

He quickly climbed back on to the platform and arrested Bregazzi, who told officers she had downed four bottles of Prosecco and taken drugs during a wild night out.


Bregazzi, who has recently had breast implants and cosmetic surgery worth £10,000, was detained in a male prison before pleading guilty to one count of doing an unlawful act on a railway with intent to endanger a person.

The Old Bailey heard the offence carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Defence barrister Mustapha Hakme said Bregazzi is one surgery away from fully transitioning to a woman and said her mental health issues had been “exacerbated” by her being transgender.

The court heard Bregazzi has struggled to deal with her parents’ rejection of her after she came out aged 19.


He explained: “She is someone who as a result has been left full of anger and at the same time sadness and is effectively heartbroken by the rejection she feels.”

Judge Jeremy Dein, QC, released her on bail after telling the court he was “concerned” that she has been held in custody “in very difficult circumstances”.

Judge Dein said he did not “feel comfortable with imposing an immediate sentence of imprisonment” and deferred sentence until next February.

Bregazzi already has 40 convictions for assault, harassment and shoplifting designer frocks dating back to 2007, including attacks on staff and commuters at Highgate Station, East Finchley Station and Kings Cross Station.

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