Transgender high school students kicked off school bus

school bus stock

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. — Two transgender students were kicked off a Glens Falls High School bus Wednesday after choosing to sit along with other males.

According to a statement released on the South Glens Falls Central School District website, all of the students on the high school after-school activity bus were told to sit on opposite sides of the aisles according to their gender.

After two male-identifying transgender students chose to sit on the left side, along with the other male passengers, the driver asked them to move to the side with females.

“The students politely refused and remained in their seats, with every right to do so,” the statement said.

The driver gave the students the choice of moving or exiting the bus, despite concerns voiced by other student passengers.

The two students chose to exit the bus to the school parking lot instead of changing sides. After exiting the bus, both students contacted a school administrator and their parents were immediately contacted, the statement said, and both students were able to take another bus home from school.

Administrators were also informed of the incident via text messages through an anonymous tip line.

“And the school officials were able to respond to the students’ concerns right away,” the statement said.

The district is working with the driver to determine how this situation could have been handled in a much more appropriate manner.

“We do not tolerate any form of discrimination against our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Michael Patton. “All students need to feel safe and supported when they are in our classrooms, on our school property or riding in our school buses. We will continue to train and educate all of our students and adults about protecting the rights and needs of all students.”


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