Transgender Student Reacts to HB2 Repeal Fail

GREENSBORO — A transgender man spoke out Thursday after state lawmakers failed to repeal House Bill 2 this week.

Payton McGarry said he wasn’t surprised when the General Assembly didn’t reach a deal to scrap the controversial law.

“One hundred percent honestly, I wasn’t going to hold my breath over it,” he said. “For the most part, the people that I’ve spoken with never had any hope to begin with.”

The UNCG student said he still has hope, though. The 20-year-old is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit challenging HB2. Until his day in court, McGarry encourages the LGBT community to continue fighting for equality.

“I think everybody is disappointed in the fact that we are going to continue to allow this hurtful and unfounded bill to continue to hurt the people in this state,” he said. “And that’s all people, not just trans people, I mean economically we’re suffering.”

But he has a message for his peers.

“We got to take a deep breath, re-group and realize that we can fight this and we should not stop fighting this.”

McGarry said he wants to continue being an advocate for the LGBT community and eventually live in a state banning discrimination.–2-repeal-fail-.html


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