Hit Piece on Transgender Conservative Backfires, Author Forced to Retract

In [current year], not fitting the mold of your typical special snowflake is grounds for the internet hate mobs to come after you with all they’ve got. The site LGBTQNation decided that being a conservative and transgender is a crime worthy of the utmost outrage.

Dawn Ennis, an “award-winning journalist,” according to her website bio, penned a piece titled “This friend of our enemy is our enemy: meet a trans woman men’s rights activist.” The piece aims its sights on the relatively unknown Theryn Meyer. Meyer is a transgender woman, who wrote a piece in the Daily Caller that really triggered Ennis (so much so that Ennis refused to link to the piece she was addressing).

Ennis’ response article was so outright hostile, it could be construed as a call for targeted harassment. She states, “I have provided links to her social media, so you can take the trash out yourself should you wish.” She also calls Meyer out for being “anti-immigration and pro-guns. Got it.” and even questions if her identification as transgender (something I’m sure would not be ok if the roles here were reversed).

This is where the self-proclaimed “tranny” — my first clue that she’s not one of the #girlslikeus — goes off the tracks:

The piece that has Ennis so angry focused on why members of the LGBT community should be conservative, while Meyer also took shots at what she calls the “Mother Left”

At face value, I was allowed to be myself; a little gay boy, and eventually a transgender woman. But as soon as I was simply Theryn Meyer, with my own unique ideas and beliefs oft-contrary to the leftist script, I was branded a bigot and swiftly booted from Mother Left’s cushy liberal roost.

She then goes on to call herself an “abnormality,” addressing her belief that transgender people are still considered outsiders in the modern world. “Much like if I were to move to Japan in hopes of being accepted as Japanese into the culture of the country, there are certain responsibilities that come with being an outsider seeking acceptance as an included member,”  she writes.

Ennis was quite offended that Meyer dare call out the social justice warrior culture for its cannibalistic nature. The fact that anyone consider conservatism as a valid alternative to liberalism caused Ennis to say that “if it were not for her politics, Meyer might appear to have a lot in common with transgender people all around the world.”

Now, discourse is fine. There is no issue with Ennis’ disagreement in and of itself, but she used the piece to target Meyer.

When approached by Heat Street writer Ian Miles Cheong, Ennis deleted the call to arms without informing anyone of the retraction (the original text can be found here).

Ennis told Cheong that her op-ed was not a “call to arms,” that she was simply calling her out for “her opinion piece for falsehoods and for making dangerous statements about the progressive LGBTQ movement.” Ennis disagrees with Cheong’s (and others’) perspective that the piece was targeted harassment, but admitted she was “aware that perception can be reality.”

The moral of this story is to never, ever have an opinion contradictory to what “Mother Left” would prefer, otherwise you will be labeled as their enemy and they might be encouraged to “take the trash out.”



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