Cop sues, says officers circulated photo of transgender person they said was his wife


Chicago police officer filed a lawsuit in federal court against eight fellow officers, alleging they circulated a photo of a nude transgender person whom they referred to as the officer’s wife.

When the officer reported the incident to internal affairs last year, he was labeled a snitch and later hit by another officer, according to the lawsuit, which was filed last Thursday by Officer Cornelius Davis and his wife, identified as Jane Doe.

“The photograph was horrific, demeaning and profoundly disrespectful to Plaintiff Davis and Davis’ wife,” said the lawsuit, which stated that the person in the photo was not his wife.

After reporting the misconduct, Davis was treated with disrespect by fellow officers and called a snitch, but the officers were not punished after the alleged misconduct, the lawsuit said.

The filing also alleged that one officer battered Davis on Nov. 8 while on duty, claiming the officer “knew or believed, prior to striking Plaintiff Davis that he was an easy target and/or an officer that did not have the backing of his fellow officers,” the lawsuit said.

In a statement, the Chicago Police Department said: “CPD takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and has zero tolerance for any substantiated cases. Over the past year, the Chicago Police Department has implemented a number of measures to protect those who may report misconduct as part of the numerous reforms to increase public trust and accountability.”


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